Thursday, March 19, 2009

Stable, so far

Two plus months from my last FCR cycle, my marrow is damaged, but I am doing OK in spite of that. I've managed to avoid infections (knock on wood) and am working and carrying on a relatively normal existence.

I still have low platelets, low WBC, am neutropenic, but as of the results of the last blood test I've seen shows, the hemaglobin has come back and is now in the 12.5 range, which is a lot better than the 7.9 range I was in last fall.

I see Dr. Kipps later this month. I'll have a BMB and get his usual thorough exam. I know I have not had a molecular remission, nor a complete remission, since I still have enlarged nodes. We will see what kind of partial remission I'm in.

One unfortunate note is that we are dealing with a sick dog. He has been diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma, which is a cancer of the blood vessel cells. He has a massive spleen that could rupture with fatal results at any time. We've been offered surgery with the hope he may live another few months, but since he is 16, has an undetermined secondary mass in his stomach, we probably won't put our old guy through that.

Spring has come early again to Sacramento, with the fruit trees blossoming with all vigor.

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