Saturday, January 17, 2009

I did not get in to the lumiliximab trial after all. They have enrolled only one person at UC Davis. I developed a cold or upper respiratory infection and I was booted out of the trial.

However, my CLL has gone into overdrive, with a projected doubling time of only three months. Therefore, I was offered standard FCR or rituximab plus revlimid. I was really hoping for a second enrollment in the ISF 35/Memgen trial at UC San Diego under Dr. Castro, but there has been a long delay. It is just now enrolling.

(The thing they are most excited about are the 17p del CLL patients. The results so far have been promising, and the theory that a few cycles of Memgen followed by FCR might result in decent remissions for this hard-to-treat population.)

So I'm disappointed that I didn't get into a trial, but I'm more disappointed that I did not have the option of going on the ISF-35, multiple injection trial.