Thursday, November 3, 2011

Large Diffuse B Cell Lymphoma

Transformation to large diffuse b-cell lymphoma. It's particularly troubling that there is no money for research into this affliction that affects so many CLL patients, especially since the risk is increased significantly with the use of FCR and other drug combinations that combine alkylating agents with purine analogs. This provides a potent mutagenic punch to the unstable CLL genome.

Contrary to Dr. Hamblin's glowing endorsement of FCR, and MD Anderson's love affair with the dangerous drug combination, stay away from this unless there is no other option. (Dr. Hamblin says anyone who has a serious side effect such as Richter's just 'gets the sticky end of the lollipop' a description I find insultive, dismissive, and arrogant.

For me, it's too late. but for those out there who are facing treatment decisions, choose something else. Especially with the prospect of an actual cure dangling tantalizingly in your faces.

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