Saturday, January 15, 2011

Intermittent Problems

I've been doing OK the last few months, but I've noted an increasing sense of fullness in my upper abdomen. I sense the CLL is growing again in my gut. Not good. Plus I've had an occasional problem with nausea and other gut-related maladies (indigestion, GERD, and diarrhea).

I see Dr. Kipps later this month. He indicated to me in September that he wanted to keep a close eye on the lymph nodes, but concluded that I didn't need treatment at that point. My last appointment was in late November, and he felt the same way.

Options include Mozobil plus rituximab, CAL-101 plus rituximab, or revlimid with rituximab. We will see.

Oh, by the way, I've had my 17th bone marrow biopsy. Even with percocet, it was still painful. I wish things were less painful. Interestingly, my blood pressure went from 118/60 to 135/70 just before the procedure. Not surprising, since I've had lots of pain before.

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