Saturday, October 23, 2010

Steady as she goes

Saw Dr. Kipps on the 19th. My CLL is holding steady. My lymph nodes, which popped up a bit before the last visit in September, are now about the same size. Obviously I still have CLL, and it still is active, but luckily it is behaving itself, and not creating too many problems now. (Actually, not any problems that I can see. My energy level is back up to where it was before flavopiridol, and I've not had any infections or other complications. So I now have a six-week reprieve.

Counts are still terrible because of my disastrous dalliance with FCR. My marrow is permanently ruined. As bad as that is, it also limits my choice of further treatment. Counts have to high enough (especially neutrophils) to successfully sign up for clinical trials.

I do have a minor ear infection that I'm getting antibiotics for. One of the many annoyances (let it stay minor!!!) that come with CLL. You just can't fight off infections well.

The past month has been a good one, for me.

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Brian Koffman said...

This is very good news. Enjoy the "reprieve".