Friday, July 2, 2010


I haven't retired yet! I found out that they change the retirement benefit upwards every quarter. The factor is related to your birthday, so as my birthday is in July, I will retire soon. (Because I have been so ill, I've been ready to retire on any day if my disease took a serious turn for the worse. So my wife says she will believe it when she sees that I've signed the paperwork.)

I have a number of reports to get done. Management is so anal-retentive (all woman management now, no men wanted), I have to go through every piece of paper and file it. So part of my day is now spent filing. We used to have secretaries do that, but we now need an analyst to file papers. Not smart nor efficient, but they don't ask me.

I will miss going to work. I like my job researching and writing, and I like most of my co-workers. We have a new set of managers (all women, of course) and they don't care if the work gets done, as long as you follow all the rules to the letter. No making up time (my old manager was great, which was nice since I ran out of sick leave a long time ago, and would have to use vacation time.

Baby boomers highly identify with their jobs. We find our place in the world based upon what we do. So I am not going to really retire. Not the kind of retirement where I'm lazing around the house, watching Judge Judy, bothering my wife. I've already signed up to take some classes, so I will be a part-time student. And I have my rentals to work on. I will just have more flexible management (me)!


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