Saturday, April 24, 2010

What to do next

For folks such as me, with the serious 11q deletion, eight months of flavopiridol (Alvocidib) gives, on average, a nine-to-ten month remission. That means, in total, start to finish, I'll have perhaps, on average, the need of something in 17 months, about a year and a half. (To be honest, that is pretty darn good realizing in how bad of shape I was in last July. My belly was rigid from tumor at the time.)

The question will be, what to do. The small study of flavopiridol patients show that five out of six patients who responded the first time, respond the second time, with a similar response rate, and a similar remission period. That means one might get 34 months out of flavopiridol! That's really, really good for people in my position.

Dr. Kipps has not mentioned doing flavopiridol again. And I really don't want to go through the CT scans again, just for the drug company's drug approval process. Perhaps I could ask for the drug on a compassionate basis.

He's also mentioned R&R (rituxan and revlimid) and ABT-263 as other options. Both of them have significant side effects; in the former, tumor flare syndrome, and in the latter, significant platelet destruction.

I would lean towards more flavopiridol, perhaps on the latest dosing regimen, which is three weeks on, and two weeks off. That would cut out one trip per cycle.

If I lived in San Diego, the flavopiridol would be more convenient and less costly, but I don't and it's not.

We'll have to see what Dr. Kipps says after the results of the scan and the bone marrow biopsy are in.

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