Friday, February 5, 2010

Am I going to watch the Super Bowl?

The occasional reader who drops in when searching blogs on the NFL or Michael Vick may remember that I am boycotting the NFL since that 'august' body signed Vick to a huge contract after he cold-bloodily murdered his own dogs.

One respondent to my post sharing the fact that I am not going to watch the NFL as long as they allow this monster to continue in gainful employment said that the loser Vick 'made a mistake'. Yeah, like, 'I was going to the store but I killed my dogs instead'? That kind of a mistake?

But, now, the Super Bowl (and all of the hype) is coming up. The evil Philadelphia Eagles and their degenerate former quarterback Vick aren't in it, so maybe I can break my vow and at least watch the commercials?

Naw. As compelling as the game might be, I just can't lend my eyeballs to the venal NFL, who obviously cares more about money than justice for animals.

Mr. Vick is reported to have electrocuted, strangled, and stomped his own dogs to death when they disappointed him.

He does not deserve anything good to happen to him for the rest of his sad and pathetic life. I hope he gets what he deserves in this world, or the next.

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