Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last Minute Donations to CLL Charities

Nothing like waiting to the last minute!

If you want to make some 2009 donations to further the cause of CLL research, please consider the following organizations:

Perhaps you remember the research effort into finding the antibody which may wipe out all CLL cells? That effort excited Dr. Byrd at Ohio State and a CLL guru. The sooner we get this in trials, the better. The address for donations is:

The National Cancer Institute Gift Fund, Building 31/Room 11A-16, 9000 Rockville Pike, Bethesda , MD 20892 . The check should be made out to the National Cancer Institute and the cover letter should request that the donation be used to support translational CLL research such as that conducted by my laboratory.

The other organizations that help support CLL research include Dr. Kipps' Blood Research Fund:

Dr. Keating's CLL research fund is at:

The Kanzius machine that may help treat CLL is being tested at MD Anderson. It uses nanoparticles to attach to CLL cells; heat is then applied body-wide to destroy the cells.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE donate to destroy CLL. We need a cure NOW!

And, please all of you one or two people reading this, have a safe and healthy New Years Eve and the same for all of 2010. May this be the year CLL is cured.

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