Friday, August 28, 2009

Michael Vick and the NFL

Perhaps a few readers have heard that the monster Michael Vick has been welcomed back into the NFL (the Philadelphia Eagles). Not only that, the fans of the Eagles gave him a 'standing ovation' upon his return this week.

This is disgusting. The monster Vick was not only involved in dog fighting, a brutal sport that by definition is animal abuse, but he tortured and killed dogs who weren't 'good enough' to fight other dogs. That means that innocent dogs who wagged their tails, licked hands and faces, full of love and happiness, were tortured by electrocution, by strangling, and by being stomped to death at the hands of the monster Vick.

Yet this monster is glorified by the NFL and the residents of Philadelphia? This evil monster is rewarded by the NFL, the Philadelphia Eagles and the fans of that team?


I cannot watch a NFL game as long as the monster Vick is rewarded by the NFL. I will not watch a game, I will not watch any pre-game show, I will not buy anything from any advertiser that I know of that pays the NFL and/or the Philadelphia Eagles, nor will I allow the evil that is associated with the monster Vick into my home.

It is indeed sad that America not only allows such evil to get out of prison after only 18 months, but it REWARDS the evil that the monster Vick is.

I will never set foot in Philadelphia as long as I live, for the citizens of that town encourage and love all that the monster Vick represents. If they objected, the monster Vick would not now be playing for the Eagles.

I know my actions will not change the venality of the NFL or the Philadelphia Eagles, but I hope somehow the poor dogs who suffered terribly at the hands of the monster Vick know that someone loves them and is so sorry that they suffered. I hope somehow they know that someone fought to deny their torturer the rewards and adulation that Philadelphia is showering on the monster Vick.

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