Friday, July 31, 2009

Biggest Bang for the Donated Buck?

Check this out!

Yes, a generous donor has made a challenge grant to the Blood Cancer Research Fund (yes, for CLL). So for every dollar you donate, another dollar comes from this fund and goes right to work!

Apparently this has been going on for a year, but I just read about it a few weeks ago, and haven't had time to post on it.

Seriously, folks, now is the time!

Please, rare reader, think about making a donation to Dr. Kipps and the hard-working team in CLL. I have heard from many others that cutting edge research is coming from the mind of Dr. Kipps and other talented people, all of whom depend on funding to further understand CLL.

I know times are tight, but as the article says, just $10 per month for the next year would match this grant.

(I'm not neglecting other funds myself, and I am not saying don't contribute to CLL research groups. I think right now, by doubling our donations, this is a very effective way of making our contribution go as far as possible.)

Think about it.

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