Saturday, April 4, 2009

Waiting for BMB Results

I had another bone marrow biopsy last Wednesday, March 25. I can't count how many I've had, perhaps nine? For some reason, they've gotten increasingly painful. When I had one at MD Anderson, they told me I needed some sort of pain-killer, so that's what I asked for this time at UC San Diego. I got a prescription the day before from Dr. Kipps. It worked pretty well, I had percocet. They told me to take it when I got to the clinic, but I worked out that the maximum pain-killing aspect of the drug was at about one hour. That will be useful information if I ever have a BMB again.

I don't have results. Dr. Kipps has held off with any thoughts of other treatment until we get the results. I would have thought I would have heard about the results by now; perhaps he just doesn't want to give bad news?

I've had somewhat of a hard time dealing with my failure on FCR. My blood numbers are OK, a little low, but OK. However, the percentage of the white blood count that are lymphocytes are going up, and the percentage that are neutrophils are going down, obviously a poor sign.

He mentioned getting a Neulasta shot on Wednesday, but I forgot about it and the physician's assistant also apparently forgot about it. I have a call into Sheila Hoff, but have not heard back from her. I would I guess (now) get the shot in Sacramento, since it would be ludicrous to fly back down there for a shot.

I wish I had remembered, not that they shouldn't have arranged it themselves. Failure all around.

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