Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I saw an oncologist at UC Davis regarding the FCR+Lumiliximab trial (a word she cannot pronounce accurately). This is the same trial which was offered (recommended?) to me by Dr. Kipps. However, Dr. Hamblin calls this trial just a 'marketing scheme,' a phrase that I don't understand. I'll have to write him and ask him to explain.

I don't want to use fludarabine, of course, since it is linked to significant T cell suppression, secondary malignancies, premature death and a whole host of other problems. Once you are refractory to fludarabine (and you will become refractory), then they are no real options left for you; make sure your affairs are in order!

I was more interested in the lumiliximab trial (which is a randomized phase II trial, somewhat rare) as offered by UCD over that of UCSD, since the trial at UCD offers the option of MRIs instead of CT scans. Funny that the same company would have different protocols for different institutions. I did e-mail the company complaining that MRIs would be just as effective as CT scans at tracking the disease. The company MD who replied to me said it would be up to the trial administrator. However, the written protocol is different for the two institutions.

I'll keep this blog posted as to what happens.

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