Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Vacation from CLL

I last saw Dr. Kipps on June 19, 2008. I cancelled the July 3 appointment with Dr. Castro because it relates to the ISG-35 internode injection trial which I failed in late May. (I went from 30k to 60k in three weeks. Bummer.)

I've had several major issues with my wife. She has asthma and the hot and smoky weather in Sacramento (we always have very hot Julys, but not smoky ones) has affected her in a major way. I've shifted my focus from my CLL to her asthma.

So, the last week, I've been feeling so good I decided to cancel the July 24 appointment with Dr. Castro (also on the failed clinical trial. I thought blood work here in Sacramento would give them a picture of what is going on with me, without having to fly down to San Diego, and spending the full day down there. I hate that!

I decided I would take a slight vacation from my CLL, in a way. I thought I would take the last week and one-half, and just not think about my CLL or any other medical problems.

I got a blood draw on Monday. I'm hoping the WBC is still low, and all of the other numbers continue to be stable.

I went for a hike on Sunday and did extremely well, felt fine, and thought about doing a long hike in September or so, if I can get in appropriate condition. I was worried about anemia as I had a night of blood pounding in my ear (see Dave's blog; he found it was associated with autoimmune hemolytic anemia), but I did fine and felt wonderful. I don't think I have significant anemia, if I have any at all.

It is nice to not have to think about CLL for a week and a half.

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