Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Latest on GS-1101 (CAL-101)

I drove down to Stanford for an appointment with Dr. Coutre yesterday.  I think we were both surprised that my blood numbers looked better than they have been of late.  My WBC is back in the normal range.

I also was subjected to an hour-and-a-half MRI, which showed slight regression of abdominal lymph nodes, which was also a surprise, since I've not noticed any diminution in the size of those nodes.

So we both decided to stay on GS-1101 (CAL-101) for the time being.  This means I'll be on the drug for another two months.  

I do have a puzzling new symptom, though.  I've had some vision changes, which has necessitated new glasses.  I'm requiring a new prescription, which is very strange.  Dr. Coutre has not heard of such a side effect, though he hadn't heard of the diarrhea problem that plagued me for months a year ago.  So I will have to see what will be going on with my eyes.  I did have a consult with the ophthalmologist who could find nothing wrong that would cause these vision changes.  I certainly don't want to ruin my vision, but I am otherwise doing well on GS-1101, so I guess I will just plug along.

Happy Thanksgiving, all!